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Allied Internet solutions Inc. the parent company of has acquired and created a Digital Brand Agency.  Our growth has created opportunities for qualified sales people to handle incoming domain name sales inquiries, find qualified prospects, and create and close new sales opportunities.
Since opening in 2011 has attracted thousands of domain name buyers, sellers, and investors.  We have a huge and growing  inventory of brand domain names.  AIS is the owner of premium domain names in  Hot and trending markets including Internet of Things (IoT), Medical Marijuana, New GTLD domains and more.  AIS owns the largest collection of Generic Top Level Domain names (GTLD) services domain names available including premium domain names like and

We are currently seeking professional salespeople and business development specialists who seek above average income, are motivated by a strong inventory, and want to work with a can do management team and enjoy support services by experts designed to help them close more sales. 

Current openings

  Sr. Sales Representative
Sr. Sales Reps enjoy competitive pay plus bonuses and complete freedom. In this role you will work from home to find and qualify prospect then close sales of premium domain names list on

Sr. sales reps meet regularly and work closely with executive management to discuss market trends and sales opportunities, drive business direction and activities and recommend inventory adjustments to optimize sales results.


  Domain Sales and Business Development
As a Domain Sales or Business Development your sales skills and business contacts are your best assets.  In this entry level position you can earn as you learn the domain resale business and have the opportunity to be a part of a winning team that has built a strong brand and reputation and has created a wide network of partner sites to attract domain name buyers, sellers, and investors.
The internet is changing rapidly and forever.  Thousands of new dot extensions are being introduced and thousands more are planned in the coming years.  Each new extension has the potential to sell thousands of new web addresses.  Many of these addresses are bought by investors who then look to Aftermarket domain resellers like to help them find a buyer for their domain names. Another way we receive domain inventory is that many entrepreneurs and businesses will buy these names only to decide at a later date that there business model has changed.  When this happens they also look to domain resellers like to sell their domain names and help them recoup some or all of their investment.   In addition there is expected to be an active market for abandoned or dropped domain names which are then bought and need to be sold by domain investors.  All of this activity represents and endless stream of valuable domain name inventory and sales opportunities for creative ambitious people who want to be a part of and earn income from the fastest growing tech sector in the coming months and years..

The new domain estensions like .web, .shop, .guru etc. are called Generic Top Level Domains (GTLD).  If you have not heard this term yet, you will soon and alot.   The GTLD Internet era is playing out live each day .  Never in our lifetime have we seen an event so big with so many big players with big money in the game.   Their actions and business activities will increase exposure and awareness of domain names and stimulate business and consumer participation around the globe.  We are seeking highly talented and ambitious people who get this simple truth and are looking for a future and not just a JOB!

If you think you have the energy, talents, and commitment to be the best and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be and have the best then contact us to learn more.

Why Join Our Team?

By acquiring over 400 top tier GTLD domain names including (soon to be the most recognizable brand in the domain industry), and Whois and our aftermarket domain reseller network has positioned ourselves for enormous growth and success in the GTLD based Internet space.  The talents we seek will help us leverage our assets and grow our company into the premier source for GTLD domain names and GTLD marketing and consulting services.

Our simple yet powerful motto is "Don't Compete ...CONQUER". We accomplish our goal by differentiating ourselves from the competition in the services that we offer and the methods and strategies we use to help customers achieve their business goals. When it comes to customer satisfaction and accomplishing our business objectives, winning isn't just our goal it's our passion. You're invited to join our team of visionary leaders and domain name, internet marketing, and technology experts at the top as we pursue excellence as leaders in the Aftermarket domain name industry.  Our worlds largest collection of GTLD services dotcom domain names combined with our management teams years of domain name and Internet marketing and business experience uniquely positions our company for success in the new GTLD based Internet world!  If you have the following skills or other skills and wish to join our winning team please contact us and tell us more about your skills and how you feel you can contribute.

If you think you have the energy, talents, and commitment to be the best and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be and have the best then contact us to learn more.