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Meet The Million Dollar Cuban Cigar Bundle

"These cigar domains will help customers remember and share your web address, generate traffic and sales, and save you money."

Cigar collectors and retailers dream bundle.  This rare, unique and highly valuable collection of exact match Cuban cigar brand domain names is for sale by owner. Buy them all or buy one or more to drive traffic to your site, grow sales and profits, and capture your share of profits from the growing interest and demand for Cuban cigars.

 cubanchurchill.com cubanmaduro.com cubantorpedos.com
 cubanchurchills.com cubanmaduros.com discountcuban.com
 cubancorona.com cubanrobusto.com discountcubans.com
 cubancoronas.com cubanrobustos.com cubandiscount.com
 cubanlonsdale.com cubantoro.com cubandiscounts.com
 cubanlonsdales.com cubantoros.com cubancigardirect.com
 cubanpuros.com cubansocial.club cigarsmokers.club
 cubanlancero.com cubanstogie.com havanasocial.club
 cubanlanceros.com cubantorpedo.com lowpricecubans.com
 cubansingles.club cubansinglesclub.com cubancigaros.com

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President Barack Obamas' decision to renew relations with Cuba has created tremendous profit opportunities for Cigar growers distributors and retailers.  Digital sales of Cuban Cigars will account for a huge portion of the millions of dollars of revenues that will be generated from curious cigar buyers as well as refined luxury Cigar smokers that will soon have access to buy Cuban cigars as gifts and for personal use.  President Obama is scheduled to visit Cuba in March 2016.  He will be the first President to do so since William Taft in 1928.
How popular are Cuban cigars on the net?  Our team of SEO and Internet marketing experts research indicates that 28 specific Cuban cigar related keywords yielded 216,349 monthly searches on a popular Search engine.
 The high number of monthly searches for Cuban Cigar related keywords indicates a large market interest and the potential for increased website traffic, increased quality of visitors, and increased potential for sales.
The exact match Cuban Cigar domains in this list represent highly targeted cost free direct consumer traffic.  Beyond the sales revenues and profits these owner of these exact match Cuban cigar domain names will benefit from the data collection that can be used to control costs of inventory, direct product to hot markets and to create email lists of cigar buyers that they can monetize using newsletters and targeted cigar product ads to increase traffic sales and revenues on an ongoing basis.

Consumer Interest For Cuban Cigars on The Rise

"Ask any 100 people what they think about when they hear Cuba and the first word you will hear will be Cigar."

Allied Internet solutions Inc. has announced that KetMo.com has been chosen to sell their rare and valuable collectors edition bundle of Cuban Cigar domain names.

Owner prefers to sell as a bundle but will consider individual domain name offers. All serious offers for this premium cigar domain name bundle will be considered. Contact BrandsTek.com for price and valuation assistance.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your business to acquire the entire collection of premium brand names for the Cuban Cigar industry an industry predicted to produce multi millions in sales as U.S. Cuba relations stabilize and grow..

In brick and mortar location is most important.  On the internet your website name is what consumers search for and even type directly into their browser address bar.  When you own these names you will receive highly targeted direct traffic at no cost and save money on advertising that your competition will have to pay to get traffic.


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Cuban cigar brand names offered by

Trusted brand names from a name you can trust!

copyright 2015 Allied Internet solutions Inc.  
Meet the million dollar Cuban Cigar Bundle

Rare collection of Cuban Cigar brand domains valuable for cigar collectors, cigar growers, manufacturers distributors and retailers and premium domain name investors
MIAMI - Nov. 3, 2015 - PRLog -- BrandsTek.com is selling its rare bundle of Cuban cigar domain names.

Included in the bundle of Cuban Cigar brand names are CubanStogie.com CubanPuros.com as well as individual cigar size names like CubanCorona.com and cuban cigar related keyword rich domain names like DiscountCubans.com that are designed to grab the attention of Cuban Cigar buyers.

The recent announcement by President Barack Obama and recent opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba are early indications that Cuban cigars that have been taboo and unavailable for U.S. citizens will soon be in high demand by Cigar smokers in the U.S. that comprise 50% of the global cigar business market.

Why Domain Names Are Important

Great brand domain names can increase search rank and website traffic, generate leads, lower ad costs and increase sales. Domain names protect your business from competition and are a valuable asset that can be resold for profit.

Find Your Perfect Domain

copyright 2015 Allied Internet solutions Inc.
In addition to the prestige of owning such an exclusive digital brand any business that owns these names can reap valuable benefits that come with owning exact match domain names like increased traffic, reduced advertising and marketing costs, increased brand awareness and the ability to protect their market space from competition.

Exact match domain names save businesses money by attracting direct navigation traffic to their website. More website traffic translates to increased sales and revenues. With each visit also comes the opportunity to build a priceless customer email list that they can use to contact and advertise and promote goods and services to for years to come.

According to Scott Alliy President of BrandsTek.com and successful Internet entrepreneur and Internet business owner "the business entity who owns these exact match keyword rich Cuban cigar domain names will rule the digital landscape and online Cuban cigar sales market"

Investors and business professionals interested in Cuban Cigar investments can visit http://www.ketmo.com/cuban to view the entire list of premium Cuban cigar domain names and to contact the owner

Scott Alliy
copyright 2015 Allied Internet solutions Inc.

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