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Buying domain names? Got domain names for sale? this GTLD domain article is a must read for you ...

Drastic Internet Changes Mean Success For Some Businesses And Failure For Others.

Mysterious web addresses like .guru, .events, .club and hundreds others are flooding the Internet Highway.  Internet address extensions like .com .net .org and .gov are being joined, some say challenged by new Generic Top Level Domains aka GTLD domains.  Once relegated to just a few choices entrepreneurs , startups, and existing businesses can now be creative with their web address.

Drastic changes are happening to the Internet daily and they would be happening faster save for an underwhelming amount of marketing by the principles involved in progressing the introduction of new GTLD based web addresses to the internet in this authors opinion.  The good news for business owners is that most businesses including their competitors have no clue about the new GTLDs and the dramatic effect that GTLD domains will have on the success or failure of their business. "Now is the time for business owners to act and get a head start on the competition" says Scott Alliy President of a Digital Marketing and consulting firm and of a domain name reseller.  If you want to grow and protect your Internet business you should seek immediate assistance from a digital marketing expert" says Scott. 

So just how did the dramatic shift in how we are and will use the internet occur?  The whole shift is supposedly based on market complaints about a dwindling supply of dotcom domain names and an outcry for more domain names to use for their business or internet project both debatable reasons.   The expansion of available domain extensions and thus a wider selection of domain names to be used for web addresses of new and existing businesses was started by ICANN the internets governing body who began to give serious consideration to the expansion effort in 2005.  In 2012 the dream of a vastly expanded Internet address pool become a reality as multiple companies applied for the rights to oversee and distribute domain names to end users based on new GTLD extensions like .guru, .Builder, .Webcam, and other extensions including well known brands as .canon and even off the wall extensions like .xyz.

In October 2013 the first of hundreds of approved applicants began launching their new extension by offering pre registration then general availability of domain names built on their extension to the public. To date over 300 new GTLDs are live and available to purchase and hundreds more have been approved and delegated and will be launching in the coming months. 

Some popular names remain frozen in contention auction or due to public input causing the governing body to consider the implications of approving the specific extensions in question for public release.

The effect of the release of over 1900 new GTLD extensions and all millions of new domain names that will be purchased and activated is starting to be felt and will only grow.  Those businesses that grasp what is going on will take advantage of the trade winds and sail to greater heights.  Those businesses that fail to grasp and take advantage of the dramatic changes sweeping the internet now and over the coming years will join the legions of internet business that have failed before them.

Gone are the days of hiring third world talent to write endless content in a vein attempt to draw search robots attention and gain top ranking says Scott.  The new world internet order will require swift strategic decision making and a return to old fashion role your sleeves up and get creative marketing using social media, word of mouth, strategic ad placements, and customer incentives.

From a domain investors standpoint more domain name extension choices mean sharpening the pencil and stepping up the research to determine what extensions will be boom and which will bust and then choosing prime addresses likely to be of high interest to well financed premium domain buyers.

Business owners will have a much more difficult task  says Scott as they seek to understand what names have been released, what names will be released and which domain names and extensions they should own to build grow and protect their business from competition.

The ripples soon to be a high tide of change reach far outside investors and business owners however.  Search engines and the entire SEO industry will face incredible challenges dealing with the new crowded Internet highway.  "If you think getting top 3 listings on prime keywords relating to your business products or services now just imagine the chaos and challenge as thousands more websites and businesses built upon new GTLD domains vie for the same three search ranking spots" says Scott.

That is why the team  of expert digital marketing consultants highly recommend and strongly suggest that businesses that wish to thrive even survive the coming chaos and landslide of new web addresses acquire one or more memorable, meaningful keyword rich domain names and begin immediately to use them in their marketing efforts to raise awareness and attract target customers for their business and its products and services.

Business owners that succeed in the new GTLD based internet will be the ones that are armed with the tips tricks and secrets they will need to get noticed, build a loyal and repeat customer base.  We created specifically to help provide knowledge advice and direction to confused business owners and to help them deal with the many challenges they will face in the new Internet world order says Scott. 

Serious business owners that want to learn about what is happening with GTLD domains and how it is quickly and permanently reshaping the internet and how they will use the net to promote and grow their business should contact our office and get the facts from one of our Digital marketing experts.  This is a great time to do so  since is offering a free initial consultation says Scott.

The expert Digital marketing team monitors new GTLD launch activities daily and is committed to helping our clients stay abreast and recognized upcoming opportunities in the new GTLD based Internet.  Our goal is to help clients minimize expenses and take full advantage of opportunities by strategically acquiring and applying new GTLD domains to build grow and protect their Internet business and  avoid costly mistakes including overpaying for names and seo and advertising services they may be paying for but aren't working for them.

For more information please visit and request your free expert business analysis by a qualified Domain name and Digital marketing expert or call (800) 712-5568 


Scott Alliy is an Internet entrepreneur and Internet marketing pioneer.  His company is highly interested and invested in the future of the internet based on more common web addresses and the buying and selling and development of GTLD domain names.  Among his compnies many Internet business holdings are a digital marketing and domain consulting firm, an aftermarket domain name reseller, and a highly successful training search engine offering training and seminar registration and marketing.

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. posseses the largest collection of GTLD services dotcom domain names available that features premium GTLD domains like,,WhoisGTLD and over 400 other domain names.  The company is accepting offers for most of the GTLD domains names and will also consider partnership with select businesses.